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28 May 2016

Groundwork describes the method of setting up a site to be built on. It includes elements such as laying the foundations and making sure that the correct drainage is in place. This is the reason it is so vital that matters are carried out correctly at the start of the venture. Groundwork service providers in Cambridge will work with you on your building project to assist you to get the groundwork in place to make sure that there won't be any problems further down the line, and they can also assist you to make sure that the structure will conform to the regional authority regulations.


The first step in the groundwork process is laying the foundations You will find a variety of different kinds of foundation and the kind that...

29 Sep 2015

While it's fairly simple to maintain areas of block paving near your home, it is not completely maintenance free and as a way to keep your paving looking its best it will certainly require routine cleaning. There are likewise steps that one could use to avoid problems developing with the block paving and this can make the maintenance procedure a lot easier.

Let's take a look at the five points that will help keep the drive, path or outdoor patio looking terrific for years to come:

  1. Hold weeds at a distance. Unwanted weeds won't grow over the block paving from the surface underneath, however they will begin to develop in the joints in between the stones. Dealing with the area around the joints with weed killer, even...

20 Feb 2015

Block paving is often a popular choice for driveways, but it can also be used to create appealing paths and outdoor patio areas at your property. Nowadays there are a lot more choices for block paving than there was when it was first introduced, and this has made selecting the ideal type for your needs a more complicated job. Nevertheless, you will find 3 major factors that you have to consider when selecting your block paving

Style of the block paving.

There are many different designs of block paving available and this will certainly permit you to produce a number of different looks, such as standard or modern-day. Conventional block paving bricks are commonly utilized to produce contemporary styles, however if you're...